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Biophysica colloidal generator testimonials


I bought to 2 channel residential colloidal metals generator and 8 metals (electrodes) to go with it

The best feature of course is that you can use other metals than the typical silver only generators. Gold and copper are electrodes you don’t find anywhere else in the industry to my knowledge. I’m very satisfied, the unit is simple and rugged.

I have used the metal colloids as a dietary supplement, ingredient in my RAW food dishes, add to my water for my plants , I put it on cuts and scrapes and to rinse fruits and veg.
How satisfied you are with Biophysica’s post purchase customer service.
I’m very happy with Biophysica and recommend it to anyone who is interested in making colloidal metals for themselves. I recommend this product because it is the most versatile colloidal generator out there. I have not seen any other generator that can make other colloids than silver. It makes it extremely well.

Ragnar B , Reykjavik , Iceland



I am a practicing holistic health / naturopathic practitioner. A few years ago, I began exploring options of producing a high-quality colloidal silver product to provide for (both) my family and also for cases in my practice of those in great need. I was introduced to Dr. Stewart through a mutual business associate and began exploring the Biophysica product line. I ordered the CS2-1colloidal silver generator and began using it on a regular basis, along with copper. I like the simplicity and clarity of packaging design, which makes it very easy to use. I am beyond satisfied with the reliability and quality of equipment, feeling confident that I am providing a very safe and highly effective product.

In comparison to off-the-shelf silver products I have bought in the past, I find the efficacy of the silver water produced by the Biophysica generators exceeds that of which I have purchased commercially. Customer support from Biophysica has been timely and efficient, with the personal care and service from Dr. Stewart that one would not usually receive from other companies. I highly recommend these Biophysica products for these reasons and will continue to used them in the future.

Heidi Hoke, MSHH, NC, MH, HHP, Ht.
Holistic Health Practitioner, Homeopathist, Hypnotherapist
Vitae Pondera Health and Education Center
123 N. Line St.
Mineola, TX USA



I bought the CSN2-12 for both gold/silver and 10 other metals have to say that using Colloidal Silver/Gold has been an improvement for my health and mental/cognitive functioning. When I get the chance to sit down a weekend and make a batch, it's always A+ quality. Dr. John led me through the purchase, how to make the colloidals, and even more information that I found quite interesting.

I would recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about buying colloidals on a general basis. This has saved me a small fortune!

Zachary Tampa, FL.