Biophysica's Industrial Ionizers accessories


Flojet cruise-boat washdown 60PSI pump is one of the triplex series diaphragm type high pressure 12VDC pumps. This new pump can pump 1.35 gallons of water per minute with a current draw of only 2.5 Amps loaded. Weighs 1.4 kilograms. Has 3/8" NPT female threaded inlet and outlet ports for connecting hoses. The rubber feet mounting pads are about 2.25" apart x 3.25" wide. It has a built in automatic pressure switch to start the flow of water on demand (however, you can bypass the switch if you desire). Overall size is about 8-3/4" x 5-5/8". These are brand new heavy duty reliable pumps for hundreds of applications as well as recirculation with our ionizers.

This is the highest quality available of heavy duty 12 volt pumps and allows use without dangerous high voltages of line-operated pumps. Comes with inlet and outlet threaded adapters, circular clamps, plus your choice of length of vinyl tubing. Matches well with our manifolds and flow-meter and is ideal in developing countries with unreliable AC power line supply. We can supply an immersible version for deep wells.

12 volt desk-top power supply with 3 amps output minimum, will be needed in place of automobile battery.

Price is $80 for international SUPPLY12v-3A. A 24 watt solar panel will drive this pump.

Price is $200 for pump only.
Four or six channels. We supply copper manifolds having a tap on each port (branch), in order to be able to isolate any cylinder for electrode replacement or cleaning. Two manifolds are needed in each system. One for inlet pipe and one for the outlet pipe.

We can supply vinyl tubing and circular clamps to connect all of the ports.

Price of a 6 port manifold with 6 taps is $250.
Price of a 4 port manifold with 4 taps is $200
Aquarium model: It is important to know the flow rate when using an UV Sterilizer, Wet Dry Filter and/or Canister Filter because a reduction of water flow can be an indicator for the need for filter maintenance. Ideal for UV Sterilizers, Wet Dry Filters And Canister Filters. The flow rate is conveniently indicated by visually checking the position of the float indicator against the graduated flow scale.
Measures Flow Rate 50gph – 250gph.
3/4" hose barb fittings on each end or if you remove these adapters you have 3/4" MPT (male pipe thread) to add your own fittings.

1. Measures pump flow rates in either gallons or liters (200gph to 500gph, 757l/h-1900l/h)
2. For use with canister filters and pond filters
3. Displays instantaneous velocity
4. Flow meter must be positioned upright to work properly
5. Accepts 3/4" hose or hard piping

Price is $40
Digital Flow Meter model:
2.0 to 40.0 L/min Hot and Cold Water Flow Sensor

Our new larger digital flow sensor for flow up to 40 Liters per minute displays 1) real-time flow and 2) accumulated total flow up to 100,000 litres. It can be mounted at any angle. This unit uses a plastic coated magnet and turbine and is suitable and is ideal for use in water conservation systems, storage tanks, hot water systems, irrigation systems, cooling towers, swimming pools and much more.

The sensors are solidly constructed and provide a digital pulse each time an amount of water passes through the pipe. The output can easily be connected to a microcontroller for monitoring water usage and calculating the amount of water remaining in a tank etc.

This flow sensor is available in three models for ¼”, ½” or 3/4" standard pipe and can be easily inserted into a standard piping system. A wide supply voltage can be connected to the unit. The unit is constructed of long-life polymer and is suitable for outdoor mounting. These easy to connect units are ideal for use in environmentally friendly water management systems.
Flow rate display from 2.4 – 60.0 liter/min.

Price is $100

Water Flow Sensor Switch
For Horizontal and Vertical Mounting:
Monitors flow to switch on or off pump and ionizers, capacity 1-30 L/min.

This unique versatile flow switch closes a magnetic switch contact when the water flow reaches a small flow of 8 liters per minute. This can then be used to control a valve, pump, light or indicate a warning on the alarm panel. This flow switch is suitable for hose mounting with a 22m (7/8”) internal diameter caliber for fixing and clamping the hose. The switch can be mounted vertically or horizontally, unlike other switches. Approved for use with drinking water and can also be used in fuel systems. The switch is protected against corrosion with the use of nylon construction for long life and reliable operation. The contact is suitable for switching up to 1A with voltages up to 230Vdc. The maximum flow rate for this unit is 30 liters per minute.

Price is $50
For AC pumps we can supply a relay to switch large currents.

Water Flow Sensor Switch:
Monitors flow to switch on or off pump and ionizers, capacity 1-30 L/min.

Price is $50

Conductivity Meter:
This is a small professional quality microSiemens meter specially chosen for the required range of our colloidal mineral water application (0-999 uS). Do not use a TDS meter which gives false results. We can supply advanced meters to measure pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen etc. . One uS is approximately equal to 1 ppm.

Price is $140 for this basic model and $1000 for the comprehensive model