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 CS1-12  One channel generator, for 12 different metals, including Silver and Gold


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Biophysica’s professional colloidal generators are the most advanced, versatile and feature-packed in the industry. They not only make Silver, but also make multiple other essential colloidal minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Gold, Platinum, Tin, Iron etc. We believe that the colloidal form is the most bio- absorbable (absorbed by the body when ingested) form of dietary nutritional supplement.

Our Colloidal Silver generators have been subjected to independent lab tests and proven to have the smallest, most effective nanoparticles (below 10 nanometres) and the strongest Zeta Potential electrical charge (60 mv) to neutralize viruses and bacteria.

Being able to make your own colloidal silver (and other colloidal solutions) at home provides freedom, control over concentration & dose, prevention and self–treatment. Biophysica offers the widest range of models from the smallest traveler’s size
to the largest industrial colloidal generators for bottling plants.

Your self-produced Colloidal Silver (and other colloidal minerals/metals) can be taken by drinking, spraying on skin, eyes, ears, nostrils, and inhaling via the lungs / respiratory system into the bloodstream and brain (using our nebulizer).

Tens of thousands of people (and their pets) use Biophysica generated colloidal solutions every day, living healthier, they very rarely get sick and experience no side effects.

As the efficacy of antibiotics diminishes Colloidal Silver remains a consistent antibiotic agent that has no side effects and doesn’t lose its efficacy over time.

Please make sure to check out the rest of our website to familiarize yourself with Colloidal Silver, its numerous uses and health benefits, other colloidal minerals and their associated health benefits and our range of products that are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality colloidal solutions for years to come.

At Biophysica, we take pride in the quality of our products and in our customer service, pre and post purchase. Our colloidal generators are guaranteed for five years.
We would love to be a part of you and your family's comprehensive natural health solution.

Please make sure to watch our extremely informative videos presenting Biophysica president Dr. John Stewart. In the first video you will hear dr Dr. Gerald M. Lemole Dr Oz' father in-law endorse colloidal silver on the dr Oz show (around the 4:30 minute mark)


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Make sure to watch our informative  video series on colloidal solutions and our technology.

CS2-12 Two channel generator, for 12 different metals, including Silver and Gold



Inhaling colloidal silver using our nebulizer takes the CS directly into the bloodstream and brain